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A Plan For Empowerment

The Budjiti People are Traditional Holders and Native Title Holders for 16,370 sq km of lands and waters in South-West Queensland, and the Budjiti Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC is the Prescribed Body Corporate established to hold our people’s native title rights and interests in trust, for the benefit of the wider Budjiti community.

To maximise the benefits and opportunities presented by our native title, the Budjiti Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC has workshopped and endorsed a strategic plan for implementation from 2019-2022, covering community empowerment, organisational development, care for Country and more. To download a copy of our Strategic Plan, please click the button below.

Our Vision

The spirit of Budjiti Country calls us to learn from our Elders, stand together and determine our future.

Our Purpose

To build on our native title rights and interests to strengthen cultural knowledge, economic opportunity and our authority on Country.

Our Values

  • Spiritually connected to Country
  • Respectful of our Elders
  • Purposeful and productive
  • Generous and honest
  • Open to learning